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I am anAgent of Change

Bringing out the best in myself & others

is my personal mission for SYNERGYetc.© 


I offer programs, services & products

that inspire creativity, authenticity and wellness.


Participants bring themselves fully to the process and prepare to grow in openness, compassion & courage.


I built this (online platform) to offer Quality of Life Enhancement Programs, Healing Arts Services, Workshops & Webinars that help inspire, facilitate & sustain change.


Understanding who we truly are unlocks

our gifts of character

and empowers us to BE all that we are meant to be.

Join me if you're ready to practice deeper & more meaningful connections for life & for Community.

If Our Legacy is all that We are
... then, who are we Really?

I am here to explore this for myself too.

Agents of Change

Vision of SYNERGYetc.© - To be an internationally respected hub of Facilitators delivering programs & services 24/7 in their own languages. Our reach across the planet, with partners of like minded intentions, will inspire & develop programs, services and educational opportunities for the public.


SYNERGYetc.© works with cocreators offering mentoring, consultation & support, with our easy to access membership packages. Select the one that will work best for you.

Under development in partnership with pro§per media

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* Full Disclosure:                                                             

  • As Founder of SYNERGYetc. & Co Founder of pro§perMEDIA, I acknowledge that Affiliate links may appear on this site. if you choose to buy, the vendor pays. *which helps to offset costs.

1 woman stands on a rock outcropping in a yoga position overlooking a valley lake between mountains.
Looking at a dense forest mirrored by a lake.

Looking to RELAX?
My virtual beach is open 24/7/365.
There is music there but feel free to play your own.
Stay as long as you like. 

Inhale peace ~ Exhale peace
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We're a growing community of likeminded people.


Because Healing STARTS when YOU are Ready. Because Healing happens in safe & caring communities?

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Looking to launch a program?

Want support with online tech?

Interested in collaborative projects?

JOIN Barbara for online Coaching, Workshops & Virtues' Mentorship - all available to help you BE the best of who you are.

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