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How Are you Really?

When was the last time you felt really heard?
 without  Interrupting, Advising, Criticizing, Blaming or Shaming.

Based on a bi-weekly Circle that began more than 12 years ago

How Are You Really? (HAYR?) Circles are

Compassionate & Caring Small Groups of 6

Each member has 8 - 12 mins to speak what's on their heart & mind.

  • Learn more about the virtues present in the stories & choices shared.
  • Discover the quality of Caring that comes with Compassionate presence.
  • Experience what BEING HEARD can do for you.

The HAYR? circle is: 2 hours PER week / Online on Zoom

  1. Welcome Circle & Virtues Pick*

  2. Storying (each person has 8-12 minutes to answer the question)

  3. Wrap-Up Circle & Closing

  • What is an Acknowledgment? It is when we offer the (virtues) & say how we saw it.

  • Learn pro-active listening over the course through modeling & practice.

  • Respect & Expect: boundaries are established & evolving to protect & honour every group member.


A How Are You Really? Circle is a safe place to speak your truth, BE heard & listen to acknowledgments, the virtues seen in you. You share only what feels right & comfortable to you. This is a safe listening circle: which means there is NO Interrupting, Advising, Criticizing, Blaming or Shaming.


*A Virtues Pick:

is ONE (card)* that is randomly selected (from 100 cards) in the Virtues Reflections Deck as a focus for the circle.

NEXT Circle IS:
How Are You Really?
How Are You Really?
10 Weeks
Jun 06, 7:00 p.m.
ZOOM Circle
How Are You Really? Circle (2 hrs per wk • x10 wks) 💚 Members speak their truth & receive acknowledgment/feedback ie: the virtues seen in their story. ⭕ CIRCLE BOUNDARIES: NO Interrupting, NO Advising, NO Criticizing, NO Blaming & NO Shaming. 🌳 Inspired by The Virtue's Project • © 2010
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