We offer a variety of workshops and presentations, from an introduction of a few hours to Intensives of several days in length, with content tailored to meet your needs. Workshops on personal growth, parenting, character education, leadership and community development are offered by Virtues Project Facilitators everywhere.

By attending or sponsoring a Virtues program or teleseminar, you will receive simple, powerful strategies for creating a climate of greater joy, justice, and unity. 

Keynote Speakers and Presenters

Contact US to have one of our inspiring presenters for a keynote or presentation for your campus, corporation, or community. Sample topics include:

  • The Virtues Project: Creating a Culture of Compassion

  • The Visionary Leader: Inspiring Excellence in the Workplace

  • From Violence to Virtues: Transforming Bullies to Leaders

  • Kinder Kids: Safer Schools

  • Spiritual Dimensions of Health Care

  • The Courage to Heal: Reclaiming Our Communities