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Cloud Team

The vision* of SYNERGYetc. is to evolve & expand to be an internationally respected hub of Facilitators who deliver in their own languages, programs & services 24/7/365. As we spread our organizations reach across the planet, partner with like minded organizations and expand our inspirational development programs we will align with the newest forms of technology. The TEAM will run SYNERGYetc. groups, offer one-on-one coaching as well as developing a 24/7 service to offer spiritual companioning to the world. *big dreams = big love.

A group of dedicated SYNERGYetc Facilitators

Barbara Mackenzie

has been a student of the Healing Arts since 1980. Over 36 years she focused her studies on the human potential through courses in meditation, Bach Flower Remedies, Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Commercial Art, Shamanic Healing, journaling, poetry, writing and vision boarding. In the 90's she became a Facilitator of Positive Parenting programs, discovered The Virtues Project and has been supporting the international growth through her computer & online technical skills. After raising their 2 adult children, Barbara is ready to bring her love for these services to the world.

Facilitator & Chief Orchestrator

Lynda Brooke

is a published writer, artist, international workshop facilitator, and a daily diner at the banquet of life. After dropping out of high school at 17, she went on to study Business Administration & Management at Ryerson as a supposedly mature student before completing her B.A. at York University with studies in Psychology and Law & Society.  She is an avid collector of life experiences, both personal (as an adopted middle child, sister, friend, wife, mother, single parent, divorcee and grandmother) and professional (in the private, public, and non-profit sectors). Her interactive approach to community building begins with each individual identifying their strengths, challenges and ways to contribute to the co-creation of a respectful, collaborative and dynamic workshop experience that culminates with profound new understandings and newly developed skills to integrate into their wider communities.  Lynda loves living near large bodies of water with expansive beaches for long walks and water clean and warm enough for soaking her head.

Facilitator & Content Creator


We are Agents of Change

helping you BE your authentic self

Bringing out the best in ourselves & others is the mission of SYNERGYetc. programs, services & products that inspires the basic principals of energy & creation.
As a participant, you bring yourself fully to the process to 
be prepared to grow in creativity, compassion & courage
We're in the clouds (online) and evolving as we grow. 
Offering Quality of Life Enhancement Programs
Services, Workshops & Webinars to facilitate healing
Understanding the gifts of character
empower you to BE who you were really meant to be. We are guides
helping you realize the very meaning & purpose of your life

helping you BE your authentic self

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