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The Virtues Project©

PROCLAIMER - This video has no direct affiliation with The Virtues Project

although it could be their 8 minute infomercial.

SYNERGYetc. & The Virtues Project©


In 1994 Barbara discovered (©1988) The Virtues Project and the 5 simple strategies that help people live to their highest values. It is a way of communicating that empowers, inspires & encourages us & those around us, to do the same. This made my tagline which came years before in a dream, make tangible sense, SYNERGYetc. In Service for Your Soul.


SYNERGYetc.© has evolved over the years. From private practice to online platform and a mission to work with other Master/Facilitators who understand & model what it takes to be an excellent listener, a compassionate leader, how to "Speak the Language of Virtues" and how to “Offer Companioning” which means to listen another into their own truth without shaming or blaming, and learning what to say & how to help to see teachable moments. We are here to mentor, co-create & inspire others.


SYNERGYetc.© supports all people to understand their gifts of character.


Workshops & Presentations 


A variety of workshops are available which focus on The Five Strategies© of The Virtues Project in personal, professional and community development. Examples are: Personal Growth and Healing Retreats, Character Education Initiatives, Positive Cultural Change, Violence Prevention and Intervention, Transformation of Bully Behaviour, Community Building Facilitation, Leadership Development & Co-Parenting, Father Involvement, Parenting Life-skills and The 3-Day Virtues Project Facilitator Training.

Presentations can take the form of an inspirational keynote for a conference, a series of community development workshops for any group (in or out of crisis) an ongoing character education program within a school, a weekly program for parents, corporate leadership training, or any one of the personal development retreats of interest for couples or individuals. 


Q: WHY JOIN/SPONSOR A Virtues Project workshop?

A: To bring out the best in yourself and others!;

A: To create communities of caring; and

A: To help humanity by raising morally conscious children.

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