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Needle Size: 12mm maximum

Bling: Cotton


Introducing our Tassels Stitch Markers - a stylish addition to your knitting and crocheting tools! Made with high-quality materials, these markers are designed to slide easily onto your needles or hooks, making it easy to keep track of your stitches. The tassels add a touch of flair and fun to your projects, while the different colors make it easy to differentiate between your markers. With this set of stitch markers, you'll be able to tackle any project with ease and style

Tassels - Stitch Markers

Excluding GST/HST
  • All markers are crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity so whether you're an experienced knitter or just starting out, the stitch marker is the perfect tool to help you keep track of your stitches and add some beauty while you work.

    Organize your knitting with gorgeous Gems & Jewels Stitch Markers.


    What size needle do you use? If it's in stock, I can adjust to any size.

    Also: repurpose your own Gems & Jewels. I will recreate for you or (donate your treasures) to help me to keep costs low for everyone!

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